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Commission on Journalism Ethics is a body for regulating the work of journalists and editorial teams in Ukraine. The Сommission was founded on September 16, 2001 and consists of 14 Members. The famous Ukrainian journalist Andriy Kulykov heads the Commission since 2016.

Commission on Journalism Ethics – is a corporate civil society, considering the conflict of ethical and professional nature arising in the journalistic community and between the community and the public in connection with their professional duty journalists.

The Commission considers ethical conflicts as a journalist at the request and at the request of other individuals and entities interested in the ethical assessment of specific professional journalist, editor, founder or owner of the media or public authority that is competent in the field of media. The Commission makes a decision based on the legislation of Ukraine and Code of Ethics Ukrainian journalist.

On October 17, Commission on Journalism Ethics, which is a body for regulating the work of journalists and editorial teams in Ukraine, became a part of the International Ethical Journalism Network (EJN). The news was announced by Oleksii Pohorielov, member of the Commission on Journalism Ethics, with a reference to the official website of the EJN.

"Acceptance of the Commission on Journalism Ethics into the Ethical Journalism Network is a remarkable positive sign and vote of confidence. Thanks to the personal contribution of Mr. Aidan White, Director of the EJN, the Commission has received a lot of useful advice for development, in particular, that we should pay a great deal of attention to mediation and explanations instead of administering any punishment. We hold out hope that our participation in the EJN will allow us to make some contribution into the work of the EJN itself, because Ukraine is now in the lead in some issues. Many of these issues belong exactly to the area of ethical journalism," says Oleksii Pohorielov.

The Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) – is a coalition of more than 60 groups of journalists, editors, press owners and media support groups from across the globe and we are growing. EJN is a registered UK charity and supervised by a Board and an international network of advisors. The supporters represent many different cultures and media traditions, but they share the conviction that the principles of ethical journalism are universal and a precious resource that builds respect for democracy and human rights.


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